Rachelle Woods

"Should I fall and lose my spark, know that I will rise up with newfound flame."

Salutations, friends and associates.Welcome to the carrd devoted to my FFXIV roleplaying character, Rachelle Woods. By paying a visit here, I hope you can leave with a muse to engage her or at least appreciate the depth I try to instill in her. Anyroads, while you enjoy the music I feel best captures her character, I want to thank you for stopping by and showing a small amount of interest.Written below is a small list of roleplay hooks followed by tidbits of information that explain how I am as a writing partner. I believe open communicate is a vital component to any successful long-term commitment when it comes to roleplay, so this is me giving you a full extension to meet you at the midway point.

Roleplay Hooks

Black Shroud Citizen
Native to the Twelveswood, Rachelle could be recognized by other residents. While she has very little personal renown, her surname commands a relative degree of respect within the sylvan neighborhood.
• Her father, like his father before him, is a merchant that caters to adventuring forays.
• Her mother, known to be a gentle soul, once worked at Treespeak stables as a chirurgeon.
• Her brother served Gridania as a Wood Wailer before enlisting into the Twin Adders. He never returned from the Fields of Carteneaux.
Freelance Retainer
Much of Rachelle's time is spent loitering around Carline Canopy nowadays where she helps adventurers. She primarily functons as a physician for the injured, offering her knowledge of herbal remedy and botanical treatment. However, she has offered her services as a tour guide or an extra pair of hands. A few of her previous clients bring word of 'the blonde with the goblin in Gridania' to other venues for the Adventurer's Guild.
Goblin Companion
Almost always at her side is a goblin that seems to suffer from dwarfism (or is very young). While laconic or mute in their replies and exhibiting a possible anxiety disorder, he seems to be a journeyman omnicrafter capable of synthesizing things when needed - assuming he has the materials required.

Roleplay Notes

  • Walk-Up: I am not opposed to other characters making an approach, be it friendly or otherwise. I abide by the phrase 'variety is the spice of life' when it comes to roleplay, so I am usually open to a broadening list of contacts or opportunities.

  • Whispers: This requires a certain mood out of me, because I reserve in-game whispers to literal whispers made by characters or translation to sign language or body language. I feel like restricting yourself to roleplaying only in private messages denies the opportunity of walk-ups and that is just not my style, personally!

  • Discord: I often roleplay over Discord; however, it is rarely used as a replacement for in-game interaction or discourse. Typically, I reserve this for Alternate Universes, What-Ifs, or other types of roleplay in general.

  • Themes: Similar to how I discussed in Walk-Up, I require a degree of variety in my roleplay to stay engaged. This means that my themes will vary from day to day depending on my muse. On some days, I am up for silly antics and comedic relief; on others, I am seeking out more mature or serious contexts. In general, however, I tend to fall into the categories of: Mature, Lore-Friendly, Dark, & Immersive.

  • Adult Content: As a general disclaimer, my willingness to entertain or involve myself in direct erotic content is solely dependent on the character I am playing. For Rachelle, this is a hard-pressed issue to get her to partake in because of her asexuality and loyalty to partners. Thus, if you want to approach her for the sole interest in having a one-night stand, then I am not the writing partner for you.

  • Conflict Oriented: At face value, this can seem like a justification for playing a character that is some sort of antagonist, troll, or someone that focuses only on instigating altercations. The reality is, I firmly believe that there is no story to be told without conflict. Due to that belief, I do not shy away from it when it happens organically. Rachelle has her flaws and critical views, and if you trigger them -- well, she will let that be known. It does not mean I have no interest in you as a writer or a character.

"As a pugilist, I dance on my feet and meet life with my fists.
Life has taught me that there's only two outcomes: win or learn."

Real Name:Rachelle Antoinetta Duboisoix
Alias(es):"Matron's Fist"
Estimated Age:18 - 25
Marital Status:Single
Sexual Orientation:Asexual
Residence:Lavender Beds, Black Shroud
Headquarters:Carline Canopy
Occupation:Retainer | Physician
Allegiance(s):Eorzean Alliance
Other Affiliations:Order of the Twin Adders
Relatives:Raphael Woods (father), Camille Woods (mother)
Crew:Shortstax Thinkthoughts (assistant)
Height:5'2" (157.48 cm)
Weight:124 lbs. (56.24 kg)
Physique:Ectomorphic | Callinsthetic
Hair:Platinum Blonde
Eyes:Cerulean Blue
Skin:Fair; Sunkissed
Features:Dimples (when smiling), Beauty Mark
Alignment:Neutral Good with Lawful Tendencies
Personality Type:ISFJ-T; The Turbulent Defender
Positive Traits:Honest : Affectionate : Studious
Negative Traits:Vindictive : Pretentious : Greedy

"Know who you are because others will try and define it for you."

Role Capacity 
Offensive Ability:★★☆☆
Defensive Ability:★☆☆☆
Supportive Ability:★★★☆
Weapon Proficiency 
Bow & Arrow★☆☆☆
Aether Proficiency 
Blue Magic★★☆☆

"Never stop; one day you'll be someone's hope."

Four Facts

  • Rachelle is an introverted person. She has her sporadic bursts of social activity, but she tends to keep to herself and listen to others conversations.

  • Rachelle is devout to her beliefs. She was once a Conjurer, seeking to purge Eorzea of corruptive influences like voidsent, ashkin, or otherwise.

  • Rachelle invented her own fighting still which combines an esoteric eastern style of martial arts with the movements and aetheric manipulation of a dancer. Everything flows into one another and makes her a veritable font of perpetually generated aether.

  • Rachelle has a familiar based on her favorite creature in the world: a nutkin. The familiar's name is Squeakers.

Four Values

  • A fractured shield of the Twin Adders that once belonged to her brother who died on the Fields of Carteneaux.

  • A Hingan tea-set that was one of the first gifts she received after venturing out on her own. She has a small appreciation to the culture's aesthetic.

  • A black hat that features a chocobo's head that was given by her mother after they reunited. It was meant to symbolize her once-dream of becoming a Chocobo-Jockey. It is now a soultuned item of significant importance.

  • A Garlean 'thermos', which is a magitek container capable of retaining liquid temperature. She keeps it on her almost always with a cup of medicinal-infused chamomile tea.

Four Loves

  • Exercise:The release of endorphins during physical labor is something that Rachelle is mildly addicted to. It shows in her physique as well, as you wouldn't suspect such a chiseled specimen with someone of her size.

  • Sight-Seeing: Rachelle enjoys taking a stroll at times, usually attuning herself to the natural world, idolizing the accomplishments of Spoken, and sharing the moment with friends.

  • Sketching: Since childhood, Rachelle has sketched out places she has seen, faces she remembers, or immortalizes moments of importance. While she doesn't do it as often as before, it is still a hobby she tends to do from time-to-time.

  • Erotic Literature: There is nothing more satisfying for Rachelle than retiring to her private chambers with a cup of tea. It is never complete, however, without her raunchy word weaving that emphasizes a character's emotions during such moments.

Four Fears

  • Disappointment: At her core, Rachelle is an individual that depends on acknowledgment or validation in her actions. This stems from her upbringing and being overshadowed by a hypercompetent older sibling.

  • Solitude in Darkness: An unfortunate incident has left Rachelle scarred and now fears being in absolute darkness, especially if she is alone -- because she doesn't think she's alone and that's the terrifying part.

  • Loss: Rachelle has become afraid of getting friendly with someone due to an unfortunate trend. Now, she has a subconscious apprehension to make friends despite her willingness to be there and lend assistance where possible.

  • Heights: As far as Rachelle is concerned, Spoken were meant to stay on the ground...